Quantum Designer Physics

An international workshop held at the Miramar Royal Palace in Donostia / San Sebastian on July 16-19, 2018

Please follow these steps to register for the workshop:

  1. Before you start, visit our Lodging page and decide which type of accommodation suits you best. The Miramar registration portal will only offer you to book accommodation in the Olarain Residence. Please note that accommodation in hotels can be booked separately via an agency, as explained on the Lodging page.
  2. Log in or create an account on the Miramar registration portal (Uda Ikastaroak). If your email is already used, request the password to be emailed to you.
  3. In the registration portal, choose the menu "I am student">"My Registrations" and then click on the big tab " Courses that I can enroll ". Find our workshop either by its code Z06 or by words in its title: "Quantum Designer Physics" (Note: If pressing enter does not triger search, click on Buscar). Click on "Registration" on the very right of the search entry to start the registration procedure. Make sure you go through all the registration steps. See below for useful tips and a detaled registration guide.
  4. Every participant is welcome to bring a poster to the workshop! To request a poster slot, please submit your name and email address in this Poster Session Registration Form.

Please register as soon as possible, because the space is limited! The registration portal will stay open until the workshop is full and will close before July 6 in any case.

The conference fee is 300 €

During the online registration procedure you will be asked to pay a conference fee of 300 €. This fee includes lunches on every day of the workshop, coffee breaks and poster session refreshments, and a conference dinner on July 19.

Tips for registration:

  • Some fields are compulsory, although might not apply to everybody. Try entering "-" (dash), when the requested information does not apply to you.
  • If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will be requested to upload the proof of payment. If you don't have it at the time of registration, you may upload the following form (Payment commitment by bank transfer.docx or Payment commitment by bank transfer.odt) filled out with your information. Then, you will be allowed to finish the registration and you will be given 10 days to go back to the registration platform and upload the proof of payment. Only then, will your registration procedure be validated.
  • You can find more information in this Detaled Registration Guide.